Welcome program for accompanying spouses / partners


Many new international colleagues who join the TU/e travel to Eindhoven accompanied by their spouse / partner. Or they are joined by them later.

Traveling abroad with your working spouse / partner can come with some challenges, especially if you don't have a job yourself yet.

The TU/e offers a program to help the international spouses / partners cope with some of these challenges.

The costs for this program are paid for by the university.

If your spouse/partner is interested to participate or if you want to ask something about the program, see the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Get in Touch Program

Get in Touch consists of weekly meetings in small groups (around 10-15 persons) during the year: tours & trips to different interesting places in Eindhoven as well as sessions in an indoor location or in the TU/e Common Room. Participants might give suggestions and requests, which we'll try to integrate as well. Regularly other women from Indigo-Wereld join the group to help broaden your social network. 

With this program we hope to 'get you in touch with people & places in Eindhoven'. You might jump in anytime you like.

Movie about the Program

You can watch a movie about the Get in Touch program. In roughly 10 minutes you will get a good idea what it is all about.


The Get in Touch Program is carried out by 'Indigo-Wereld', a bureau dedicated to strengthening the connections between people from different cultures.

The program was designed in close cooperation between Indigo-Wereld and TU/e.

Have a look at the Indigo-Wereld website for more information on this network.

Additional Information

The language of the Get in Touch Program is English.

That is another way of saying: for you to experience the full benefit of the program it works best if the participants speak English at an elementary conversation level and up.



Are you interested to participate in this Get in Touch Program for spouses / partners of TU/e internationals?

Would you like to know more? Or maybe try one or two sessions before you decide to enroll for the whole program?

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Kara de Rooy, from the TU/e HR Back Office International . Email: c.m.d.rooy@tue.nl