Personal grants


When you are a postdoctoral researcher looking to apply for a personal grant to execute exiting research at a European top university, you are on the right web page!

There are several options: national (NWO talent programme) as well as European grants (Marie Curie Individual Fellowships and ERC). Each type of grant has its own eligibility criteria for funding. We can help you to sort out whether you are eligible. First you have to be convinced that you are a likely winner for such a position, and that you want to put effort in writing a grant. All schemes are extremely competitive.

If you are interested, please send the following documents to

  1. Your CV (résumé).
  2. One pager of your research proposal and/or research interest.
  3. In which TU/e department would your proposed research take place?
  4. Who is your potential supervisor?


Many TU/e researchers are among the world’s elite within their discipline. We are proud to share our researchers who have received honorable distinctions, research subsidies or awards for their scientific research.

Grant Possibilities