Eindhoven Engine

Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation in the Brainport region by uniting industrial experience and young talent. Within projects in the field of health tech, energy transition, smart cities, smart mobility high tech and circularity Eindhoven Engine collaborates with students (academic and applied sciences) and researchers from industry and knowledge institutes to meet today’s societal challenges.

Eindhoven Engine is a joint initiative of TU/e, Fontys and TNO and is located in building Disruptor at the TU/e Campus.

Interested in the projects we do at Eindhoven Engine? Check out these videos:

In the PerStim project we are looking into the personalization of neurostimulation for epilepsy patients. The tight technical clinical cooperations with our project partners is unique - Rob Mestrom Assistant Professor at TU/e


Noise pollution is the second most harmful environmental factor in Europe. In his PhD research at Sorama, Patrick is dedicated to solving the problem of noise pollution. - Patrick Wijnings, Systems Engineer at Sorama and PhD candidate at TU/e


The Eindhoven Engine iHeat@Home, a project realized by Caldic, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, TNO, TU/e and Cellcius, is working on a breakthrough innovation in thermal energy storage. Professor Olaf Adan tells you about his research on a heat battery which is better, cheaper, smaller and greener than any competitor! – Olaf Adan, principal Scientist at TNO; professor Eindhoven University of Technology; CSO at Cellcius


Eindhoven Engine on TU/e Campus

How we work with partners from the industry, knowlegde institutions and students from Fontys and TU/e to accelerate innovation in the Brainport region.


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