TU/e Participations

TU/e Participations was established in 1997 as a holding company in order to separate public and private resources of the TU/e. All commercial activities of the university are controlled by this holding.

The first businesses to join the holding were Euflex in 1998 and AccTec BV in 1999. Euflex BV has taken care of TU/e’s flexible workforce and AccTec BV delivers ion beams to GE Healthcare for the production of radionuclides.

At the beginning of the 21st century several companies were established which carried out contract research for third parties e.g. PTG Eindhoven and Symo-Chem. Via these companies TU/e remains in close contact with industrial developments and at the same time the companies have access to the facilities and knowledge base available at the TU/e. With this there is a large degree of synergy between the university and the companies.

In 2004 all universities were asked to pay more attention to valorization: creating social and or economical added value based on knowledge. Since then, TU/e Participations participates in new innovative companies that originate directly from scientific research. Also known as spin-offs.

TU/e Participations thus contributes to the valorization ambition of the TU/e by translating academic and technological findings into solutions that create impact for society. Successful technology transfer also brings economic impact as it contributes to the economic development of the Brainport region and the Netherlands.

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From brilliant idea to flourishing business

The road from brilliant idea to thriving business is a long and difficult one. TU/e Participations assists the founders of the company with planning, creating and finding funding for the spin-off. The organization holds shares in the spin-off companies. When a spin-off is ready to stand on its own feet, TU/e Participations has a clear exit strategy in place in which the shares will be sold to a third party.

It might take months (or sometimes even a years) to create a spin-off but some fantastic companies have been founded through this process. In the following list we provide an overview of the spin-offs. Have a look and get to know these companies as there are some truly amazing stories among them.