DSM Biomedical joins hands with the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS)

September 5, 2023
Dr. Matilde Putti (left) from DSM Biomedical and Dr. Monique Bruining (right) from the ICMS agree to strengthen their renewed collaboration.

Complex molecular systems appear in every facet of our daily lives. Oftentimes, they have sprouted from the brilliant minds of curious researchers who have put their imaginations to the test to create new insights for science and society. DSM Biomedical, part of dsm-firmenich, is pleased to be joining the ICMS Industrial Consortium (IIC). This gives both parties another avenue to co-develop new innovations and to  support the vision of DSM Biomedical - Solving our world’s healthcare needs through sustainable science.

The renewed partnership  brings science and business closer together, and provides industrial researchers with first-hand expertise and a view into the newest technologies, to help them address their research challenges. The extensive equipment park of ICMS, is a valuable asset for industrial parties and can be seen as an extension of the partners in-house research capabilities. Also the well-trained research talent is of great value to the industry. In the coming years, ICMS seeks to uniquely connect with more industrial parties to explore and create fertile grounds, leading to new developments that will impact science and mankind for the better.

As the world’s unrivaled biomaterials expert and committed partner in driving sustainable innovation in healthcare, DSM Biomedical, a subsidiary of dsm-firmenich, is at the forefront of biomaterial science and process innovation. For the DSM Biomedical team, partnering with ICMS opens the door for new opportunities by directly connecting them to a wide range of brilliant researchers in areas such as smart materials, chemistry, and nanomedicine, just to name a few. Beyond this, the company is excited to have access to ICMS’s analytical facilities, coupled with a large network of expert researchers that can effectively guide them through future scientific questions. “I look forward to building a relationship with the ICMS community and talents,” said Dr. Matilde Putti, Scientist at DSM Biomedical. “We would like to create a network of scientists passionate about innovation that has a positive impact. This is something I believe we have in common.”

Dr. Monique Bruining adds, “We are very excited to fuse the competencies of ICMS with those of DSM to bridge the gap between science and business, and translate our in-depth knowledge of complex molecular systems to support the competitiveness of DSM Biomedical.”

Both teams look forward to taking advantage of their shared enthusiasm for this new partnership through even closer collaborations in the coming months and aim to begin a series of technical discussions in September 2023.