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Graduate School

You have (almost) completed your bachelor’s program and are ready for the next step in your academic career: a master’s degree program. After completing your master’s degree program at TU/e you are at the beginning of a great career. Especially in Brainport Eindhoven, the technological hotspot of Europe. But you also have the opportunity to specialize even further and continue with an EngD program or PhD program.  The combination of at least one master’s degree program and an matching EngD and/or PhD program is known as a graduate program.

Be the change

Our society is in need of engineers who can really be the change. Engineers who can contribute to technological solutions to solve the major challenges our world is facing. At TU/e we stimulate you to be that type of engineer. The first electric airplane, a CO-2 free technology for industry, self-regenerating blood vessels for diabetic patients… All technological innovations our students are working on. So, which challenge would you like to tackle?

Master’s degree program

  • 2 years

  • 120 ECTS

  • Internship 30 to 45 ECTS

  • International experience ≥ 15 ECTS

EngD program

  • 2 years

  • 60 ECTS in courses

  • 60 ECTS in internships

  • MSc degree required

PhD program

  • 4 years

  • Independent research project

  • MSc degree required

Pre-Master programs

Not all prior education qualifies you to start a TU/e master’s degree program. 

If you have: 

  • a Dutch HBO diploma 
  • a TU/e bachelor’s degree diploma in a different field 
  • a bachelor’s diploma from a different Dutch university 

you may be able to make up your deficiencies with one of our pre-master programs.  

HBO-TOP minor

If you are currently studying at a Dutch HBO and you already know which master’s degree program you want to follow at TU/e, take a look at the HBO TOP minor. That program may make it easier to enroll in your preferred master’s degree program. 

Basic course in mathematics

The math requirements at TU/e are high. In order to get well-prepared, you can prepare yourself with a basic course in mathematics.

Honors Academy

If you are always striving for excellence, thrive under the strictest of deadlines and want to get a head start on building a professional network, consider joining the TU/e Honors Academy


Life-long learning as alumnus

As a TU/e graduate, you have life-long access to the latest knowledge and insights from our Departments. Our Alumni Services offer courses, lectures, activities and more.