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At our university there are many active communities, formal and informal, for students and staff, based on study program, interest, hobby, sport, career and much more... Find your community now via this website!

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At TU/e we have many flourishing communities of staff and students from the Netherlands and abroad. We value our open, healthy, informal and caring community in which we create an atmosphere that enables us to do our best. We encourage everyone, students and staff, to play an active part and be actively involved in this TU/e community, because we believe that when we are personal, passionate, curious and connected, our community is the place where innovation truly starts. Everybody is welcome, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or cultural background.


TU/eXTRA wants to show all the students at the TU/e the variety of extra-curricular activities that are present at the Eindhoven University of Technology. 
Doing something besides your study can greatly help you in developing yourself, both within your study as within your career path.

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We ask all TU/e communities to create their own page on the TU/e website! From that page, it is possible to directly link to your own (external) website. On the TU/e website, your community page can be found via overview pages (for employers, students, etc.), can be linked to other relevant pages on the website (i.e. sports associations to sports center, study associations to departments) and will link automatically to events organized by the community. Of course we have space for logo's and photo's.

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