TU/e innovation Space is the center of expertise for Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) and student entrepreneurship at TU/e, a learning hub for education innovation and an open community where students, researchers, industry, and societal organizations can exchange knowledge and develop responsible solutions to real world-challenges.

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TU/e innovation Space is a community that develops and facilitates interdisciplinary hands-on challenge-based learning, engineering design and entrepreneurship. We offer a place where students learn to deal with complex societal and industrial challenges, develop innovative projects with researchers, businesses and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it provides a space and support for lecturers that develop and offer hands-on courses and want to contribute to innovation in education.

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We are incredibly proud to be the winners of the 1st Dutch Higher Education Award. It is a huge honor to accept this award for everyone involved in our community, from students to staff and industry partners from the Brainport Eindhoven Innovation ecosystem. 

At TU/e innovation Space we provide a framework for Challenge Based Learning (CBL), where students learn while solving real-world challenges. CBL enables the next generation of responsible and entrepreneurial engineers to develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. Winning the award, gave us recognition for our added value to education and student learning. The prize money (1.5 million) allows us to search for the next step: if you think of the future, what would the university look like? We do this from three different perspectives: student learning, the university as an organization, and the collaboration in the ecosystem.

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At TU/e innovation Space, there are about 40 student teams (25 accredited teams and 14 discovery teams) which address challenges in the fields of sustainability, artificial intelligence, health and mobility. They are working on extraordinary projects like a solar-powered family car, a car made of bio composite, a drone assistant, future living, and renewable energy resources. Working in a team offers students the opportunity on putting their knowledge into practice and develop their personal skills while working on an innovative project.


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