Research Groups

We are known internationally for our excellence and expertise in basic science & technology disciplines. We focus on developing methodologies, understanding complexity in all its shapes and sizes and enhancing system thinking in research as important prerequisites for interdisciplinary research. By combining our strong disciplines, we explore new emerging scientific areas and enable promising innovations in the light of societal challenges. Open science is our standard.

  • Group of Dynamics and Control

    (Vibro-) acoustics and noise control

    Our research addresses reduction of disturbances due to sound waves

  • 3D Concrete Printing

    3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) provides the potential to increase the productivity and reduce the environmental impact of the Architecture,…

  • Department of Applied Physics

    Advanced Nanomaterials & Devices

    It is fascinating how materials properties at the nanoscale can be radically changed by means of size, crystal structure or surface states.…

  • Advanced Network Management and Control

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Aluminium Structures

    The Aluminium research area focuses on the general aspects of aluminium design as well as its integration with related building aspects.

  • Alumni

    At the Stimuli-Resposive Functional Materials and Devices group we educate and coach quite a few PhD students each year. They are involved…

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Analysis

    The field of Applied analysis brings together many mathematical topics, such differential equations, dynamical systems, variational…

  • Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Differential Geometry

    Applied Differential Geometry seeks opportunities for applying differential geometry to science and technology, with a focus on healthcare…

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Geometric Algorithms

    Geometric algorithms is the field within algorithms research that is concerned with the design and analysis of¬†efficient algorithms¬†and data…

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Applied Mechanics

    The chair of Applied Mechanics (AM) examines the mechanical and physical behaviour of materials and structures at various length scales.

  • Source: Bekkering & Adams Architecten. Project: Agnetendal.  Foto: Scagliola Brakkee.
    Department of the Built Environment

    Architectural Design and Engineering

    ADE analyzes programs for buildings, develops concepts, investigates tectonic solutions and evaluates constructions and materials.

  • Department of the Built Environment

    Architectural History and Theory

    AHT explores architectural history, theory, philosophy, and heritage studies, reflecting the interplay between these disciplines and their…

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    Research Institutes & Schools

    TU/e participates in several research institutes and research schools.