Research profile

The research of the department of Mechanical Engineering is focused on three divisions, namely: 

  1. Computational and Experimental Mechanics (CEM), focused on mechanics and materials
  2. Dynamical Systems Design (DSD), focused on systems, dynamics and control
  3. Thermo Fluids Engineering (TFE), focused on heat and flow

Each division consists of a number of sections, and each section consists of a number of groups. Because the department gives plenty of space for interdisciplinary research, research within these sections is both conceptual and methodological. This distinguishes the department of Mechanical Engineering at TU/e from other departments of Mechanical Engineering in the Netherlands. Find more information about our research divisions here

Our sections

The department consists of several sections. The department focuses on long-term, general, system-oriented research. The crux of the department is devoted to designing, analyzing, improving and manufacturing new products and processes, as well as the materials needed for this. The department is fully discipline-oriented and is structured along disciplines – such as mechanics, materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, control, systems and design to name but a few.

The sections of the department of Mechanical Engineering are involved in a variety of research institutes and centers within the TU/e.

An overview:

Research assessment

Periodically the department of Mechanical Engineering is visited by an independent international committee of recognized scientists with the aim to assess the research within the department. You can here find the most recent self-assement report and report of the review committee: