Bachelor College

Global warming, worldwide pandemics, overpopulation… we are facing some major societal challenges the coming years. Would you like to contribute to technological solutions that really make a difference in the world? Come study at our Bachelor College! Our bachelor’s degree programs have a high degree of freedom to focus on the topics that are most interesting to you. Would you like to specialize in a single field? Or do you prefer to broaden your horizon by combining several fields? The choice is yours.

TU/e Bachelor College

Are you thinking of doing a bachelor’s degree program at Eindhoven University of Technology? Then you are on your way to becoming a future-proof engineer. An engineer ready to create technological solutions for the challenges our world faces - not just today, but in the future as well.

The dreams of our students

Structure of a bachelor’s degree program

After obtaining your Bachelor of Science degree, you are perfectly prepared to do a two-year master’s degree program. Each TU/e bachelor’s degree program takes three years and consists of:

  • Core program

  • Free electives

Selection or study-choice check

The personal, small-scale nature of our high-quality education requires an optimum number of students. If too many applications come in, some of our programs may use a selection procedure. For programs without selection, every new student needs to do a study-choice check.

Binding study recommendation

The goal of your first year is to find out whether the degree program you are doing is a good match. After your first year at TU/e, we will evaluate your progress and give you a binding study recommendation – whether you may continue studying in your current program. Your first-year achievements at TU/e are a reliable indicator of your expected study success.  

Positive recommendation?
With a positive recommendation - which you will receive if you earn 45 ECTS or more in your first year - you are free to continue the educational track you are following.  

Negative recommendation?
With a negative recommendation - fewer than 45 ECTS - you will not be permitted to continue your studies or re-enroll in this track for three years.


Are you up for a challenge? Are you always looking just a little further to deliver excellent results? Are you fascinated by scientific breakthroughs or solving societal problems? Then the TU/e Honors Academy is just the thing for you.