Small-scale, informal, a lively city and thriving communities

Excellent atmosphere

TU/e has a welcoming, open atmosphere where any student can feel at home. Not only do we have a challenging, personal and hands-on educational approach and inspiring connections with industry, the province of Brabant is known throughout the Netherlands and abroad for its uniquely warm and friendly culture. Because almost everybody in the Netherlands speaks English at a high level, our international students can enjoy this excellent atmosphere just as much.  

Studying in the Netherlands is a great choice – high-quality education and low tuition fees in one of the safest countries in the world. But TU/e offers even more: thriving communities, excellent facilities, and the charms of Eindhoven as a lively, exciting student city. The best way to enjoy all these experiences is, of course, to move here. Read our housing page to find out how you can best do that. 

Thriving communities

A university is where people get to know themselves and make friends for life. One of the best ways to do that is by joining one – or more! – of our thriving communities.  

Whether you are looking for a formal or informal community, something to do with your studies or your hobbies, a sport or a craft, or something completely different, you will find like-minded people at TU/e. Eindhoven has around 100 societies – 39 sporting societies, 11 cultural societies and 9 international societies, just to get started. In addition, there are study associations, student associations, student project teams and associations where you can go just to have fun. Our Community listing has a powerful search function that will help you find what you need.

Eindhoven: a lively student city

Eindhoven is a young and dynamic city with a long history in high-tech, design and art. As a student city, Eindhoven has a lot to offer. A great nightlife, design, culture, sports and so much more. Take your time to discover the best spots in this college town:

  • Exciting student events 
  • Sports facilities, events and tournaments, and of course soccer club PSV 
  • Theme weeks, such as the Intro, the European Week, GLOW and the Dutch Design Week 
  • Dance, music and concerts  
  • Theater and art  
  • Museums and culture 
  • Debate championships 
  • King’s Day and other national holidays 
  • Popular hotspots with excellent cafés, restaurants and clubs 
  • And so much more!

Go exploring with your fellow students, try your favorite search engine or recommendation site or start on the Eindhoven Student City and This is Eindhoven websites. 

Excellent facilities

TU/e has excellent on-campus and online facilities to make your life as a student easier and more enjoyable.

On the TU/e Campus

Food and drinks 

Online resources