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Are you thinking of studying at Eindhoven University of Technology? Then you are on your way to a university that is at the heart of society. A university that encourages its students and researchers to come up with solutions for the challenges our world is facing. A heart valve that grows with the body, an artificial leaf that produces medicines, straws with membranes that purify polluted drinking water, a sensor to detect kidney failure... all innovations from our researchers and students. What social challenge will you be tackling at TU/e?

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Future proof engineers

Technological developments are faster than ever. The technological knowledge you learn today will likely become obsolete in only a few years’ time. To become a ‘future proof ‘engineer - who is capable of dealing with social issues now and in the future - we challenge you in an open, motivating environment in which you learn how to develop yourself continuously. 

We believe that the best person to make decisions about your future career is you. That is why our Bachelor College and Graduate School programs have a high degree of freedom to focus on the topics that are most interesting to you. Of course, that does not mean you have to make all decisions by yourself. Our teachers will support you whenever necessary. 

Challenge-based learning 

During your studies you will come across several types of eduction: inspiring lectures, small-scale instruction meetings, supervised independent learning and Challenge Based Learning (CBL). During CBL projects, you and your team will work on technological design assignments. In other words: you will translate the knowledge you have gained into concrete solutions for a societal problem. Sometimes together with students from your own program, and sometimes with students from other programs. This way you will learn to build bridges between technology and the world around you, even before your career starts.

Innovation Space 

TU/e innovation Space is one of the locations challenge-based learning is put into practice. It’s a vibrant hub where students, student teams, potential startups and researchers collaborate and work on hands-on activities. Over 20 student teams are generally working in the innovation Space at any time: designing, planning, prototyping, modeling or

building a concrete, technological solution. Whether you pick a project that’s driven by independent students, part of regular bachelor’s degree courses or requested by industry, doing an innovation Space project is a great way to learn more, apply what you already know and develop yourself as an engineer and a professional.

Brainport Eindhoven


Companies, governments and startups are always looking for young engineers with a solid scientific basis, professional skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. Especially in Brainport Eindhoven, the technological hotspot of Europe. Did you know we are ranked number one in Europe when it comes to joint publications with industry? We also score high in other international rankings such as the Times Higher Education, QS, ARWU/Shanghai and CWTS.

  • The benefits of a small scale

    As a small university, TU/e offers you an open, informal culture where our students and our scientific staff work closely together on a first-name basis. It is easy to seek out your teachers and fellow students, and our international and multicultural community is equally welcoming to students from abroad.

  • International and multicultural

    We know that diversity is a strength. That is why we create a diverse, multicultural community on campus, with a growing number of international students and staff from countries around the world.

    Conversely, we also encourage our students to do coursework or an internship abroad. Nothing broadens your perspective as much as stepping out of a comfortable environment. Our many collaborations with other universities in China, India, the US, Australia and European countries are a great starting point for students looking to spread their wings.