TU/e Campus

Route, map and accessibility

TU/e Campus is accessible via three entrances: John F. Kennedylaan, Insulindelaan, Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan.

You can find more information about parking, public transport and adresses on the dedicated accessibility page. 

Parkland surroundings in the heart of the Brainport

In this 'technological hot spot' in parkland surroundings, near the city center of Eindhoven, students, staff, academics and scientists from every discipline and from all over the world can get together and work together.

The TU/e campus is at the hart of the Brainport, Europe’s most innovative technology region. The region is known for its innovative strength and multi-disciplinary way of working. Companies and organizations excel at inventing, developing and integrating world’s most complex hightech machines, systems, components and products at utmost precision and with unprecedented accuracy. Brainport Eindhoven has the world’s highest patent density per capita and above average private R&D expenditure. 

Our university campus is located near the trainstation and city center and a half hour drive from Eindhoven Airport. 

Real Estate strategy

The division Strategy and Consultancy of Real Estate has drawn up the Real Estate Strategy Campus 2030, which ensures enough m2's office and education, to absorb the growth to 14,500 students and 4,000 employees. Also included are other ways of learning, developments in the field of digitization and research, and finance. To manage this, the right match has been made between people, capacity, quality and costs.

Interested in more information about the campus' history and plans for the future? We have collected some documents for you: 

Campuses in the Netherlands

The 10 campuses that are united in the National Campus Consultation call for more attention to be paid to the physical aspect of innovation in the Cabinet's innovation policy. They feel that the Cabinet's Groeibrief (Growth Letter) does not focus enough attention on this aspect of innovation ecosystems.

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