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Visit Mona Keijzer to knowledge park Twente

On Monday 28 September 2020, State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs responded positively to the call of the 10 largest science parks and innovation campuses in the Netherlands to invest in the physical aspect of innovation: top locations where research and companies literally meet. She agreed that precisely in these times of working from home has shown how important meetings are for innovation. She also complimented the 10 top locations for joining forces. She understood the desire for more coherence in policy and investment in campus development and indicated that this call for 'a snare' came at the right time. She encouraged the campuses to discuss a possible application for the Growth Fund together with her ministry and the ministry of OCW.

Check out the press release (in Dutch).

Campuses argue for more attention to the physical aspect of innovation

The 10 campuses that are united in the National Campus Consultation call for more attention to be paid to the physical aspect of innovation in the Cabinet's innovation policy. They feel that the Cabinet's Groeibrief (Growth Letter) does not focus enough attention on this aspect of innovation ecosystems. 

"Flourishing campuses and science parks are indispensable for a successful innovation policy. They act as facilitators and accelerators of regional and (inter)national partnerships between knowledge institutions and innovative companies. At these top locations, connections are made daily between research, education and business, which accelerates the marketing of knowledge and the conversion of knowledge into actual innovation of products, processes, technologies and platforms. This strengthens the competitive position of the business community in the Netherlands and increases the national earning capacity", according to the joint campuses.

Research (in Dutch) by Buck Consultants International shows that employment on campuses has continued unabated in recent years and that campuses are a sought-after location and an engine for new business activity. The research also shows that campuses are focal points for solving major social challenges such as energy transition and healthcare.

Together, the campuses have drawn up a Manifesto (in Dutch) in which they argue for extra attention and resources in the Growth Fund for campus development. The investments in shared facilities, the accessibility of campuses, business developers and campus organisations building robust innovation ecosystems are now too often dependent on regional resources and subsidies. The campuses argue for a national fund for campus development.

1 July, 2020 a webinar has taken place about the top campuses in the Netherlands. Read the journalistic report (in Dutch) and the press release (in Dutch).
On the site Topcampussen you find the (in Dutch) of the webinar.