The TU/e is a place where people matter. With values of being open, personal, engaged and creative the TU/e is a “community where we create a personal, welcoming and vibrant environment that enables individuals and groups to grow professionally and personally”. Wellbeing is an important part of this, and therefore one of TU/e’s top strategic priorities. A student's wellbeing is not only related to their social environment and sense of inclusion within their university community, it also impacts an individual’s ability to function and perform in other areas of their life, including their studies.  

As a university, our aim is to ensure that our students are aware of what wellbeing means, and feel enabled and empowered to improve their wellbeing should they feel the need to.  

While we believe that students are responsible for taking action on their wellbeing, we also believe that we all have a responsibility to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment that enables students to flourish in their academic and personal development.  

What is student wellbeing?

We define student wellbeing as “a state in which a student is able to utilize their abilities, cope with the normal stressors of student life, work productively on their development, monitor the balance between positive and negative aspects of student life and can contribute to the academic community and society.”  

To make this more concrete and to understand which factors influence one’s wellbeing, we see wellbeing as a composition of five dimensions: social, emotional or mental, academic, financial and physical. Read more about this and our vision on wellbeing in the summary here

Please note that these dimensions are only there to provide context to the meaning of wellbeing, and they do not represent our duty of care as a university. 

Where to find support?

At the TU/e we have an extensive support landscape with various professionals who are here to help you! Whether you have questions about your studies, are feeling stressed, have experienced or witnessed socially unsafe behavior, or just need someone to talk to, we are here to help, or redirect you to the appropriate support externally to the university.