TU/e Strategy 2030

We are a top international university in science & technology, fully embedded in the Brainport region

We are a research-driven university of international standing, where excellent research and excellent education go hand in hand. We stand out when it comes to collaborating with advanced industries with a strong focus on the Brainport region. Our region is known for its excellence in high tech and is the heart of a powerful, innovation-driven industry. The engineers we educate are not only excellent engineers, but also strong communicators, who understand that users and society are to be taken into account when designing solutions and developing products. They are ready to face today's and tomorrow's highly complex (societal) challenges: the sustainability transition, technology revolution and the increasing impact of technology on our society. These challenges, combined with other drivers of change, force us to take position: we want to lead the change by our education, research and valorization/impact. 

We focus on 3 strategic themes:

  • Talent: on all levels, because talent makes or breaks our university.
  • Cooperation: our cooperation with the industry national and international, within the Brainport region, with our alliance partners, and at European level. 
  • Resilience: we need an organization that fits our ambitions. We will continu optimizing and professionalizing our organization to enable the change.

Stories about our strategy

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