TU/e scale jump

Update TU/e scale jump

On November 17 there were two information sessions in which TU/e's Executive Board provided an update on the development of the ideas for the accelerated growth of TU/e. At the core is a doubling of the number of master's degree graduates by 2032 to meet the rapidly growing need of the high-tech industry in Brainport for engineers. The ideas, based on advice from the Think tank led by Maarten Steinbuch, will be incorporated into a proposal from Brainport that is expected to be submitted to The Hague in early 2023. Read more

The four conditions for growth

Our university is prepared to grow along with the Brainport region, subject to four conditions:

  • Up-front government funding to facilitate growth and to prevent the current workload from increasing further.

  • Growth should not come at the expense of excellence.

  • Growth should be gradual to keep the workload manageable.

  • The region must ensure that the infrastructure and facilities are in order.

Our stories about the scale jump