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Working at TU/e as scientist

Are you driven to use science and technology? To devise solutions to the challenges facing our society today and tomorrow? Then please browse the open academic positions at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Our small-scale and personal approach makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with other research groups and departments. You are eager to learn, curious and fully committed to research, education, impact creation and collaboration with new partners. Additionally, you’re given the freedom and autonomy to live out your vision and to build a brighter tomorrow for us all. Check out our vacancies for scientific staff below - and join TU/e as scientist or researcher.

Irène Curie Fellowship

As of July 2019, TU/e has launched the Irène Curie Fellowship. This program is aimed at talented women who pursue an academic career in our European top research university. Diversified teams, in fact, generate better problem-solving strategies and more creative ideas. In other words, diverse teams accelerate innovation for all. Additionally, Irène Curie fellows can serve as role models for the next generation of female scientists. 

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How do our professors experience working at the Eindhoven University of Technology? Why did they choose to join us and what makes them proud to work for TU/e?

  • Why join TU/e?

    Join the Eindhoven University of Technology and its thriving community of scientists, students, and professionals. Shape your own career as you become part of a personal university with a big impact. A university where students and lecturers know each other on a first-name basis and work together on innovative projects with real-life significance.

  • Excellent fundamental research combined with a hands-on mentality

  • State-of-the-art research labs

  • World-leading university in cooperation with industry

Our meaningful minds

In this section, you can read stories from our scientific staff. Professors and researchers from various departments and research groups share their successes, challenges, and dreams. They also explain how the Eindhoven University of Technology distinguishes itself in their field. What makes working at TU/e special for these scientists? Finally, what unresolved question inspires them?

Making materials of the future

Polymer Technology

"The mix of colleagues in my department have brought me to a different level as a researcher. There are so many opportunities for fundamental research here and the knowledge that your work will ultimately lead to a high impact product is immensely exciting", explains Assistant Professor Ruth Cardinaels to Professor Patrick Anderson and PhD candidate Prakhyat Hejmady.

Innovation and Industry Connection

Mechanical Engineering

"My new colleagues and I all take interdisciplinary research very seriously; I’m always working on projects with colleagues from different research groups and faculties. And, the connections with industry are incredible." Assistant Professor Michelle Chong talks to Associate Professor Tom Oomen and Professor Ines Lopez Arteaga.

Care and Cure

Visual Coding

"Close lines of communication with the high-tech industry on your doorstep, broad changes for funding and the opportunity to escape the relative anonymity of a large university were what brought me back to Eindhoven. That close connection to industry is unique", explains Professor Peter de With to two of his colleagues in the Visual Coding & Architectures Group.

Applied Physics

Fluids, Bio and Soft Matter

"TU/e embraces Applied Physics in all its aspects and highlights its societal value as well as the fundamental research aspects. Eindhoven is unique in its scale and short lines of communication within a highly connected knowledge ecosystem." Professor Kees Storm talks to Assistant Professor Hanneke Gelderblom and Associate Professor Henk Huinink.

Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis

"What strikes me is the degree of openness and accessibility in Eindhoven. Excellent peer to peer interaction and a strong collaborative spirit between industry and scientists.” Assistant Professor Danqing Liu talks to Professor Anja Palmans and PhD student Mathijs Mabesoone.

Applied Physics

Nano, Quantum and Photonics

"I chose TU/e initially because of its excellent reputation and the fact that it is very international. I also love the spirit of open collaboration in the Netherlands,” shares Assistant Professor Shuxia Tao in a conversation with Professor Erik Bakkers and Assistant Professor Reinoud Lavrijsen. All three are researchers in the field of Nano, Quantum and Photonics.

The Connected World

Wireless Technology

"TU/e differs from many other universities in that it offers tenure tracks for assistant professors as the first position in an academic career. This gives young and talented scientists a clear perspective", explains Professor Marion Matters-Kammerer in a conversation with two other key employees associated with the Centre for Wireless Technology.

Applied Physics

Plasma and Beams

"If you believe passionately in something and convince your colleagues and mentors about your ideas, TU/e opens doors that let you achieve your dream", reveals Professor Adriana Creatore in a conversation with Assistant Professor Job Beckers and Associate Professor Servaas Kokkelmans of TU/e's department of Applied Physics.

The Future is Bright

Electrical Engineering

"Everyone here really embraces interdisciplinary research and has close ties with industry, which makes TU/e a great place for a young scientist to build a career", says Assistant Professor Sofie Haesaert in a conversation with Professor Jeroen Voeten and PhD candidate Jeroen van Dam, all scientists at the Cyber-Physical Systems Center Eindhoven.

Photonics is the answer


"I like to contribute to society by developing products, helping businesses and teaching and mentoring the next generation of young researchers. TU/e ticks all those boxes. And finding a good balance between work and family is no problem here in Eindhoven." Associate Professor Oded Raz talks to Professor Jaime Gómez Rivas and PhD candidate John van Weerdenburg.

Chemical and Process Technology

Sustainable Chemical Processes

"What could be more rewarding for a research scientist and teacher than being involved in something as important as the sustainable future of our planet? This is what TU/e is all about.” Professor Kitty Nijmeijer in a conversation with Associate Professor Timothy Noël and PhD candidate Rohit Maitri.