A thriving community

Why join TU/e and its thriving community of scientists, students, and professionals? You will be able to shape your own career as you become part of a personal university that makes a difference. A university where students and lecturers know each other on a first-name basis and work together on innovative projects with real-life significance. Where managers and support staff members are valued as true partners in achieving the best results while working on a vibrant and inspiring campus.
Please continue reading to find out what sets TU/e apart.

Why join TU/e?

We are innovative, open-minded, and at the heart of society. 
We are a university where special things happen. Things that can make the world better, for you, me, and future generations.

Why join TU/e?


    TU/e encourages and facilitates the continuous development of its employees. You have free access to high-quality training courses, tailored to specific groups and situations. You can either deepen or broaden your expertise in the process. We support you in designing your career as you see fit. For academic staff, we offer a five-year Tenure Track with the prospect of becoming an Associate Professor. If you have a more senior profile, you will receive a tailor-made career proposal.

Facts & Figures

  • Top-ranking university of technology

    TU/e is a first-rate research university specializing in engineering science and technology.

  • A vibrant campus and community

    The TU/e campus covers an area of 75 hectares and boasts more than 100 communities, two residential towers, a daycare center, a sports center, a movie theater, two grand cafes, two small supermarkets and an extensive library.

  • International working environment

    38% of our workforce has an international background, compared to 19% of our students. The remaining 62% of our employees and 81% of our students have the Dutch nationality. English is our working language.

  • Total staff: 7000+

    Currently (June 2023) TU/e has 7,063 employees. 66% of this workforce belongs to our academic staff. The 2,250 PhD candidates and EngD trainees are also on our payroll. The remaining 34% consists of management and support staff.

  • Total students: 13,000

    Currently (September 2022) 12,906 students are enrolled at TU/e: 7,135 bachelor's, 5,494 master's, and 277 pre-master's students. The total rises to 15,119 if you include PhD candidates and EngD trainees.


  • Departments and services

    TU/e consists of 9 departments and the Eindhoven School of Education. There are 10 service departments.