Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In the TU/e community of students and staff, we strive for diversity. A strong and welcoming community promotes inclusiveness, equality and cooperation. Diversity adds to our success and pleasure in education and research. It broadens our research scope and enhances the quality of our education. Therefore, we welcome people from all backgrounds and without regard to sex, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, socio-economic status, identity, visible or invisible disability, religion, or sexual orientation. Inclusion is a way of dealing with each other that is necessary to achieve the best results.

On this webpage you will find a collection of initiatives that demonstrate how we keep diversity and inclusion (D&I) high on our agenda. In addition to rolling out relevant policies, each year we award a fund to the best initiatives. You will also find links to relevant TU/e news items. Finally, you can read more about the roles and members of our D&I Committee.


On March 8, TU/e celebrated International Women’s day with an event for the entire TU/e Community of students, staff and alumni. Female talents shared their inspiring stories and the audience engaged in an interactive panel discussion. An impressive video of the Iranian Community shed a light on the situation of women in Iran.

If you missed the event or would like to relive the event again, please check out the pictures below. Hope to see you next year on International Women’s Day March 8, 2024!  


In 2020, Chiara Treglia submitted her Multiverse Toolkit to TU/e’s Diversity Fund as a proposal. She won a grant and used it to turn her tool into an online platform. The tool has now become accessible to a much larger group of people. Since the Diversity Contest 2022 is open, we would like to know from Treglia what happened with her idea after winning one of the prizes in 2020.

‘A contest is a nice opportunity to leverage a healthy dosage of competition and fun in order to put a serious subject even more on the spotlight.’

Chiara Treglia: ‘From piloting the Multiverse Toolkit, a lot of people from different departments started to be interested in the subject, but mainly in the approach: the Multiverse Toolkit is not your usual D&I training, it’s very interactive and lets people explore a difficult, touchy subject in a creative way. 

Now the Multiverse Toolkit is an official training for teams within the TU/e and four demo sessions are planned for staff and students during the Diversity Week 2022. Chiara: ‘In the meantime, I have developed other toolkits for teams and departments within the TU/e. One of these is a psychological safety serious game, called Full Circle, which can also be found on the TU/e intranet.’

The Diversity Fund has opened a world of opportunities and the need to get everyone onboard on the theme of D&I has become very visible. Chiara: ‘I think it’s a nice idea to stimulate people to think along on the topic. In the end, we need everyone to join the conversation if we want to see lasting change in our organization and in society at large. A contest is a nice opportunity to leverage a healthy dosage of competition and fun in order to put a serious subject even more on the spotlight.’

Chiara Treglia is one of the people behind Tini Studio, which is located at Sectie-C and Strijp-S. She also works as Education Designer at innovation Space TU/e and she teaches the course Design Innovation Methods in Industrial Design.

Inclusion and diversity is more than trying to establish numbers and increase the diversity of our TU/e community. It has to be in our behavior! How we can improve teaching, research or other organizational processes in a way that increases the sense of belonging. 

Prof.dr. Evangelia Demerouti, fulltime professor (IE&IS) and Chief Diversity Officer (chair) 


Over the last decade TU/e has shown commitment towards gender equality within our academic community. The university has developed many measures and activities to address gender equality: from raising awareness on gender equality to training opportunities and policy measures to ensure inclusive recruitment, career progression and decision making. In this Gender Equality Plan you can find the measures, activities and policies that have been developed and implemented to support our goals, as well as planned initiatives for 2021 to 2025. 

There is overwhelming evidence that diverse teams are more creative and productive. 

Read the opinion article "Female academics are too scarce. So their applications are going to the top of the pile" by Frank Baaijens in The Guardian. 

Prof.dr.ir. Frank Baaijens

Irène Curie Fellowship

As of July 2019, TU/e has launched the Irène Curie Fellowship. This program aims to advance talented female researchers to thrive and be successful in top positions in science. The program addresses the aspirations and needs of women in industry, academia, and research institutes to support their ambition to become a professor at our university. 

We believe diversity broadens our research scope and enhances the quality of our education. Diverse teams lead to better strategies, more creative ideas and faster innovation for all. The Irène Curie fellows are role models for the next generation of female scientists. With the Irène Curie Fellowship program, TU/e contributes to the societal goal of promoting equal opportunities and a society in which everyone's abilities are utilized.

Social Safety at TU/e

Social safety is a matter that concerns all of us. All employees, students and guests of TU/e are collectively responsible for a safe and positive study and working environment. TU/e expects everyone - employee, student or guest - to deal responsibly with the ethical aspects of the study and working environment.

We promote social safety by arranging better formal structures. In addition, it is essential that we call each other to account and point out when things are not going well. But what if you suspect that something inappropriate is going on, have a conflict of interest yourself or are confronted with undesirable behavior?


Diversity & Inclusion Committee


The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee submits proposals to the Executive Board concerning (policy) measures in order to stimulate diversity, inclusion and gender equality at the university.

Moreover the committee has the following tasks:

  • To review the university’s performance and progress in promoting diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • To support the university in meeting the diversity and gender-related targets in its strategic plan.
  • To evaluate the impact and promote the sharing of university-wide good practice initiatives in diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • To (further) develop a vision on diversity, inclusion and equality and a yearly action plan.


The scientific members are appointed by the Executive Board for a period of 3 years.

  • C.M. (Corlien) van Dam MA MHR, HR policy advisor (HRM)
  • Prof.dr. E. (Evangelia) Demerouti, full professor (IE&IS) and chief diversity officer (chair)
  • L. (Lara) Hofstra, Student Wellbeing/Diversity Officer
  • Ir. E. (Erik) de Jong, community manager (ESA)
  • Prof.dr.ir. I. (Ines) Lopez Arteaga, full professor (ME) and dean bachelor college
  • Dr. E.M. (Elena) Mas Tur, assistant professor (IE&IS) and representative of Plural
  • Prof.dr. G. (George) Papafotiou, full professor (EE)
  • Prof.dr. A. (Alexander) Serebrenik, full professor (M&CS) and representative of Compass
  • Dr. S. (Sandra) Simaria de Oliveira Lucas, assistant professor (BE) and representative of WISE Network
  • Prof.dr. C. (Kees) Storm, full professor and dean (AP)
  • Dr. E.A. (Monica) Zakhari, assistant professor (ME)

The student members are appointed by the Executive Board for a period of 1 year.

  • A (Ari) Sibiescu (student ID)
  • J.R. (Jeroen) Oerlemans (student M&CS)

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