Business on campus

The campus of Eindhoven University of Technology is located in the heart of the nationally and internationally renowned Brainport Region Eindhoven. The campus is not only literally the heart of the region, but it is also figuratively the beating heart of the high-tech ecosystem of Brainport. 80% of the graduating TU/e engineers find a job here. Students work in multidisciplinary teams together with companies on the challenges of the future, an educational model that recently won the first Higher Education Award. The companies of Brainport and beyond get the knowledge and inspiration for their future growth from TU/e.

Skyline TU/e; photographer Bart van Overbeeke

Unique campus

The campus is unique in several ways. To begin with, it is one of the largest technology education campuses in the Netherlands. The university, HBO and MBO are located here together and work together, with a total of 20,000 students. Whoever settles here is right at the source for technical personnel. An important asset in the growing "war on talent".

In addition, the campus is uniquely central: right in the middle of the city and adjacent to the lively city center; is easily accessible through the adjacent train station, the city freeways and an airport 10 km away.

Green campus

What especially catches the eye is the green beauty and the beautiful architecture. The TU/e campus is not a boring backyard, but a beautiful river valley, an open city park, where people enjoy working, living and taking a refreshing walk. You'll see cormorants, herons and beavers and walk among buildings that have won several leading sustainability and architecture awards. In addition, the campus offers A-class sports facilities, for literally every sport imaginable.

One of the most important assets has not yet been mentioned. On the TU/e campus, you villainize against a world-class cooperation partner for fundamental R&D: the TU/e. Especially in the field of photonics and quantum, artificial intelligence for the high-tech, smart materials and renewable energy systems, we are looking forward to companies and institutions that want to collaborate in this for the long term.

Moreover, the campus and its residents offer access to the network of Brainport. Connections with the high-tech manufacturing industry are within reach.

Accomodation options

Now comes the best part. This campus is not full. There is still 180,000 m2 of development space available on our unique campus.

With scientific knowledge as its cornerstone, the campus is also the place to be for innovative companies, institutes, start-ups and spin-offs. As a resident of the TU/e Campus, you are part of a unique ecosystem ‘where innovation starts’, offering you extensive possibilities, such as joint research, support in new business development and shared use of special lab facilities. There is room on the TU/e campus for prototyping but not for production facilities.

The TU/e offers accommodation in the field of TU/e affiliated business to entrepreneurs in all stages of life.

Accommodation can take place in various existing buildings, Alpha Hub, Catalyst,Twinning, Kennispoort, Disruptor and Meulensteen House of Robotics . If desired, new construction within game rules is among the possibilities.

We invite you to come and see for yourself and take you on an inspiring walk around the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology.

What you need to know if you want to settle on campus

Park management is the means by which TU/e facilitates amenities and services to residents of the TU/e Campus. This includes compulsory SLA's (Service Level Agreements) like terrain management, fire-fighting services, surveillance and security etc. as well as optional SLA’s  like cleaning maintenance, ICT services, etc.

For more information, contact the Parkmanagement facility desk.

Startup hub The Gate in Alpha

The Gate in Alpha is the place for innovative entrepreneurs who start their own business on the basis of a technological invention or the application of existing technology. It doesn't matter whether you start from the TU/e, Fontys, Summa or from outside the TU/e Campus. Alpha entrepreneurs characterize themselves by developing something new and working towards the first real turnover, so that they can grow into Beta entrepreneurs (and perhaps evenunicorns). Typical is working on prototypes and pilots, where the TU/e Campus offers just that stimulating environment. This increases your company's chances of success. On the basis of the nature and size of your company, (technological) knowledge, entrepreneurial qualities and financial starting position, we examine together whether you fit into Alpha.

TWICE business centers Twinning and Catalyst

The TWICE hubs Twinning and Catalyst contain offices and laboratories for tech entrepreneurs. The Catalyst hub is a high-tech business center and offers office space in combination with chemical, physics and mechanical engineering laboratories to help give companies a flying start. A footbridge connects Catalyst with Twinning, a business center for technostarters and ICT companies.

Catalyst and Twinning share a jointly staffed reception with telephone and postal service, high-quality ICT infrastructure and various meeting and conference rooms. The ideal setting for the start or growth of your company.

Kadans Kennispoort

Kennispoort, the iconic business center at the southwest entrance of the campus grounds, offers companies the opportunity to establish themselves close to TU/e's knowledge and expertise. For students, employees and researchers, TU/e Campus is more than just a business location.

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