Built Environment

Welcome to the Department of the Built Environment

We are driven by our ambitions to make a difference. Sustainability, in its broadest definition, is the cornerstone of our research and education.
We take the lead in (re)shaping the built environment and making it futureproof, safe, healthy, inclusive and with respect for planetary boundaries.
We are in an outstanding position to do so because we house the entire spectrum of technology, engineering, design and human behavior disciplines in the built environment, with world class experimental facilities, on all scale levels. This allows us to address societal challenges from a unique integral perspective.

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We educate a new generation of students able to solve today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges of society. We consider in-depth disciplinary knowledge as key for professional leadership and true autonomy in future professions. Our education is small scale. Students are offered a maximum degree of freedom to select education in the sub-discipline of their preference. Collaborative skills are trained in joint challenge-based projects that address societal challenges. We educate life-long learners, students with the abilities and attitude to maintain an open mind.

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Our research community covers the entire range of disciplines related to the built environment. By bringing multiple perspectives to the table and meaningly connecting these, we are able to contribute to innovative solutions for complex societal issues. By playing an active role in our academic network and by committing to Open Science principles, we contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. We have world class experimental facilities, such as a fully equipped building physics, materials and structures laboratories, a largescale 3D Concrete Printer and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, as well as digital twinning and virtual reality facilities. This allows us to do laboratory experimental research from microscopic level to full-scale, from controlled laboratory conditions to field studies involving users, and everything in between. In collaboration with the TU/e institutes EAISI and EIRES we develop Key Enabling Technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and the energy transition.

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We believe that as an academic institute, we have a responsibility towards society. We do fundamental research with the ambition to not only advance the body of scientific knowledge, but also to drive technological innovation in society. By involving citizens and by collaborating with industrial, societal and public partners we bring knowledge from fundamental research directly to society. As such, we enable the building industry to mature and to innovate and we enable advanced informed solutions and future-proof decision making by municipalities and government. Co-creation with a human-centred approach (by involving citizens) is of crucial importance for success.

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