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We believe that as an academic institute, we have a responsibility towards society.

We do fundamental research with the ambition to not only advance the body of scientific knowledge, but also to drive technological innovation in society. By involving citizens and by collaborating with industrial, societal and public partners we bring knowledge from fundamental research directly to society. As such, we enable the building industry to mature and to innovate and we enable advanced informed solutions and future-proof decision making by municipalities and government. Co-creation with a human-centred approach (by involving citizens) is of crucial importance for success.

We play a leading role our multiple helix ecosystem by playing a leading role in the Urban Development Initiative (UDI). In the unique field lab environments of Helmond’s Brainport Smart District (BSD) and Knoop XL in Eindhoven we are able to apply and develop Key Enabling Methodologies related to research in a real-world setting involving , digital twinning, co-creation and participatory planning and evidence-based design.


The Bouwkundewinkel belongs to the Science Shops connected to Eindhoven University of Technology. They help groups and individuals who have problems or questions in the field of the built environment, but do not have the financial means to call in a regular consultancy firm or building firm.


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