Societal challenges on Health, Energy and Smart Mobility are the driving force for our research. Our research unit is well-recognized witnessing a long list of prestigious grants including many personal grants (NWO, ERC), contract research, and EU projects. Talent management is improved via explicit hiring policies and personal development support. 

Our department of M&CS and our research are linked to the innovative ecosystem of the Brainport region: a booming science hub that was mentioned by the international research journal Nature as a high-tech hotspot within a leading nation. In the same article, our university is ranked as a top institution in innovation. Here we build a brighter tomorrow for us all. So join our university and generate impact!

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M&CS Domains and Clusters

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is structured into three domains: Computer Science, Mathematics and Data Science & AI. Each domain consists of several research clusters which bring together researchers working within the same subfield. Please scroll down for more information about the different research clusters. 

  • Computer Science

    Algorithms, Geometry & Applications

    Formal System Analysis

    Interconnected Resource-aware Intelligent Systems


    Software Engineering and Technology

  • Mathematics

    Center for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications

    Statistics, Probability and Operations Research

    Discrete Mathematics

  • Data Science & AI

    Data and Artificial Intelligence

    Process Analytics


Research Clusters Computer Science

Research Clusters Mathematics

Research Clusters Data Science