Department Board

The board of our department consists of a departmental dean, a vice-dean and a managing director. The program directors and a student member in an advisory role are permanent advisers to the board.

The departmental board is the competent authority of the department. It is responsible for the operational and policy matters relating to the budget and staff policy.

Department council

Our department council is the department's co-determination body. The members discuss the general state of affairs within the department with the departmental board, produce proposals and make viewpoints heard. The departmental council may make use of a number of statutory rights.

Program Board

Applied Mathematics  
Dr. Alessandro di Bucchianico Program Director of the Bachelor's and Graduate Program Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Computer Science and Engineering  
Prof.dr. Mark van den Brand Program Director of the Bachelor's and Graduate program in Computer Science and Engineering 
Data Science  
Prof.dr. Mark van den Brand Program Director of the joint Bachelor's program Data Science


External Advisory Board

Member Affiliation
Prof.dr. Ton de Kok CWI
Daan van der Munnik Philips
Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes UVA, Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics Jacquelien Scherpen RUG, Fac. Science and Engineering ENTEG
Frens Vonken Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ICT
Prof.dr. Frits Vaandrager Radboud University, Institute for Computing and Information Science
Dr. Christiane Peters IBM Security Joost-Pieter Katoen RWTH Aachen University