Business Collaboration



Coordinator Education on Entrepreneurial Learning

Gert Guri

Teaching/coaching innovation/entrepreneurship with multidisciplinary teams of students through a challenge-based education approach, to educate the π-shape engineers of the future.

Student Assistant

Merel van Laarhoven

Student assistant

Marlou Gielen

Chef Kip

Maurits Overmans

I provide support to facilitate workshops and serve as a coach to other students with the aim to empower student entrepreneurship at TU/e.


Mark Scheffer

Managing technical resources and supporting innovation Space and students with their digital strategy and IT.

Office Manager

Loes van de Kimmenade

Office Manager. First point of contact for TU/e Services departments, supporting innoSpace MT, coordination of special events, Interior Design, coordination of Service Desk.

Technical coordinator

Huub van der Palen

As technical coordinator of innoSpace I like to assist and advise students and teams on technical matters wherever I can. Furthermore, I’m room responsible for the Heavy and light Assembly and I supervise the service desk assistants.

Technical Coordinator

Edwin van den Einden

Design and support at building prototypes with the help of machines and CAD. I am responsible for the workshop rooms in Matrix, the student mechanical, modeling and clean workshops.

Technical coordinator

Estevão Pereira

Working at the Heavy Assembly, I support students and student teams with technical support in electronics and mechatronics.

Management Assistant

Femke Witteveen

As Management Assistant to the Scientific Director/General Manager I am responsible for all support & secretarial activities to Isabelle Reymen.


Imanda Scholten

First contact point for innoSpace students, supporting organization of events and visits in innoSpace, keeping administration up-to-date and many more...

Student Assistant

Joana Coronel Soler

Student Assistant

Philip Conoy


Communication Manager

Anne-Marie van den Hurk

Communications advisor student teams

Sacha Claessens

Communications specialist

Sofie de Leede

Planning and executing communication activities and tools. Content creation and planning for all media, mainly the website. Providing communication guidance for events and monitoring the corporate identity.

Student Assistant

Julia Hendrikx

Student Assistant

Vijay Vivekanandan

Art & Tech Projects

Isolde Hallensleben

Initiating and coaching art & tech related projects, innoSpace art & tech course, collaboration with the cultural field, and collaboration with external partners.