Higher Education Award project

University of the Future

What will universities be like in 2050?

When we talk about engineering education nowadays and the road forward, we agree that our students need more than just disciplinary knowledge to be prepared to handle the societal challenges of the future. Engineers of the future need transdisciplinary skills, to know how to collaborate with each other, and how to communicate with other disciplines.

TU/e innovation Space already enables this type of learning, with a strong connection with all types of stakeholders from the region as well as our (inter)national connections. In order to educate the engineers of the future we are eager to create a university where students and people from industry and societal actors work together. Learning is something we do all, all our life. So, we want to create a place where professionals from industry learn, together with the students and teaching staff. 

In the University of the Future project we envision and concretize the TU/e of 2050. We have a lot of great visions already. What will this university actually look like in detail? How will the future TU/e be structured? How will the educational journey look like within this university? How do students learn their essential competences? What role does this future TU/e have in the Brainport ecosystem? These are all questions that we want to answer.