Higher Education Award project

University of the Future

Welcome to the University of the Future project webpage. Here we will keep you updated on the progress of the Higher Education Award projects. Do you want to contribute to, and be involved in, this project? Contact us via UotF@tue.nl or scroll down for project updates.


We kicked-off the University of the Future project with a vibrant co-creation session with a wide range of stakeholders. Participants from, among others, the TU/e, Brainport, and other Higher Education Institutions provided us with valuable input by sharing the building blocks of their ideal TU/e of 2050. Check out the article from Cursor Dreaming about the university of the future if you want to read more about this promising kick-off.

The upcoming months are about co-creation to gather information, ideas, and inspiration. Do want to contribute to the project and/or be invited for future co-creation events? Please contact us on UotF@tue.nl!


As the winner of the first Dutch Higher Education Award, and the European Triple E Award, TU/e innovation Space is a front-runner in educational innovation.

The main reason for the leading position of TU/e innovation Space, is our strong connection with all types of stakeholders from the region as well as our (inter)national connections. In the University of the Future project we will envision and concretize the TU/e of 2050. How will this future TU/e be structured? How will the educational journey look like within this university? What role does this future TU/e have in the Brainport ecosystem? These are all questions that we want to answer.

MARCH 2021

As TU/e innovation Space we are incredibly proud, as it is a huge honor to accept this award on behalf of everyone involved in our community, from students to staff and industry partners from the Brainport Eindhoven Innovation ecosystem.

Our goals is to make an impact on both education and societal challenges. At TU/e innovation Space we provide a framework for Challenge-Based Learning (CBL), where students learn while solving real-world challenges, enabling the next generation engineers to develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. We facilitate innovation & entrepreneurship and stimulate our students to start projects to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.