Science for society

Strong ties with industry

TU/e excels as University of Technology through our strong ties with industry, both local and international. At TU/e, you will learn to take the latest scientific inventions, collaborate with industry and government, and translate them into solutions for real-world problems. For instance, in the TU/e Innovation Lab, where we valorize knowledge by translating our scientific and technological findings into solutions. Solutions for societal challenges. 

Because an invention without real impact is not an invention at all. 

As a result, we are among the top 1% of universities when it comes to research collaborations with industry.

Brainport, the smartest region of the world

TU/e is situated in a technology hotspot, known as the Brainport region. Home to major innovative companies and knowledge institutes, the Brainport is the beating technological heart of the Netherlands. No other Dutch region invests in R&D like the Brainport region, spending 3.2% of the gross regional product on R&D, compared to the 1.9% Dutch average. This region is what puts the Netherlands on the map in terms of innovation and high-tech.

Dutch partners and networks

Science these days is no longer an individual pursuit. Research is increasingly multidisciplinary, and researchers from different institutes can work together in fertile partnerships. These connections offer great advantages to you as a student.


International partners, networks and programs

TU/e also invests in knowledge exchange and partnerships with important international universities and institutes. We are also a member of a number of important networks, aimed at exchanging knowledge and best practices in research and education.  

These connections also make it much easier for TU/e students to take courses or do an internship at one of these universities and institutes. Of course, you can also do internships and courses at non-member universities, but you will have to make contact yourself. 

European partner universities

Partner universities outside of Europe

National University of Singapore

North Eastern University (Shenyang, China)

Zhejiang University (Hangzou, China)

Jiao Tong University (Shanghai, China)

Fudan University (Shanghai, China)

International Institutes of Information Technology (Bangalore en Hyderabad, India)

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA)

RMIT University Melbourne (Australia)