Koen Minartz wins first prize for Computer Science in KHMW Young Talent Awards

November 9, 2022

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities awarded first prize in Computer Science to Koen Minartz as part of the Young Talent Awards. 

Koen Minartz is currently a PhD student at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in the Data Science domain. The prizes are awarded annually to promote scientific education in engineering and science subjects. They are incentives for students who not only produce very high quality scholarly work, but also produce work that enables them to develop new insights and translate their findings into practice.

Koen received the honour for his research as recorded in his thesis "Correlation Detective: Efficient Multivariate Correlation Discovery". During his research, Koen was supervised by Assistant Professor Odysseas Papapetrou. Of particular note: for his thesis, Koen already received TU/e's "Best Master Thesis Award 2022" earlier this year.

In his project, Koen developed a fast algorithm that discovers strongly correlated sets of variables. The algorithm reduces computation time by several orders of magnitude, enabling experts to find interesting patterns in much larger datasets. This is of crucial importance, since in the era of Big Data, efficient data analysis methods are becoming ever more important.

Want to know more? Please find the jury's report here