In memoriam | Nick Rosielle

November 12, 2023

With sadness the news reached the Department that Nick Rosielle passed away October 25, 2023. 

Nick Rosielle began his academic career on April 22, 1988, when he was appointed as an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Product Design and Construction (Produktontwerp en -constructie) and continuing the former heritage of Professor Van der Hoek and Professor Koster. After eight years of service, on September 1, 1996, Nick was promoted to the position of associate professor in Design and Construction with precision (UHD Ontwerpen en Construeren op precisie) within the WPA capacity group, section Precision Engineering, led by Professor Schellekens.

From March 2005 to July 2019, Nick was part of the Control Systems Technology group under the leadership of Professor Steinbuch. In the final years leading up to his retirement in December 2022, Nick joined the Dynamics and Control group, guided by Professor Nijmeijer.

Throughout his career, Nick Rosielle made a lasting impact, particularly contributed to the academic community by supervising a substantial number of Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students, leaving behind a unique legacy of mentorship and expertise in the area of mechanical design.