Pascale Le Blanc emphasizes human added value in introducing robots to the workplace

September 21, 2023

Cooperation between man and machine is crucial.

According to research by the Central Bureau of Statistics, 40% of companies are going digital to increase efficiency or productivity. One example is Kruidvat's distribution center in Ede, which welcomes a new digital colleague. While thousands of products find their way to customers, professor of labor innovation and sustainable employability at TU Eindhoven, Pascale Le Blanc, reflects on the benefits and pitfalls of automated jobs. Daily newspaper Trouw interviewed her about the collaboration between man and machine.

With an aging workforce and increasing pressure on the labor market, Le Blanc sees automation as a solution. "Lifting robots and cognitive machines can reduce the burden on workers," she stresses. However, she warns against "replacement thinking" and advocates preserving meaningful work. "Consider what you leave to the human and what to the machine."

Le Blanc stresses the importance of autonomy, competence and social connectedness. She emphasizes that workers should not feel they are merely the robot's helper.

Read Trouw's news item here (In Dutch).