Modelta: new start-up in membrane processes and reactor technology

February 22, 2023

International collaboration in new chemical engineering start-up.

The Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department has created a new spin-off company specialized in providing modelling services and consultancy around membrane processes and membrane reactor technology. Within this expertise they design chemical plants and run simulation work in order to optimize chemical processes and ultimately save energy.

Both TU/e and Politecnico di Milano contributed to establish this company based in The Netherlands. Two PhD students are managing the company, Zançat Elbruz Sahin who is doing a PhD on modelling of membranes and membrane reactors at TU/e under supervision of Professor Fausto Gallucci and Michele Ongis from Polimi and currently working on a project between both universities. Zançat is the managing director focusing on business development and Michele is technical director focusing on the modelling for process intensification.

Modelta is validating trusted models build by both universities using different types of tools. That way this expertise is available for short term and confidential projects with industry. Modelta has also entered two new EU research projects, one of them MACBETH on membrane reactors and the other called MEASURED Project on membrane separation. This way their expertise is available for both industry and academia.

The Gate, the one-stop shop for (deep-)tech startups in the first stage of their existence in the region of Brainport Eindhoven, was vital for Modelta in their first days. They not only helped these young researchers defining their business case and setting up contracts. They will also coach courses for the managing director.