Research on healthy lifestyle for low-literate school children

March 29, 2023

How to contribute to a healthy future for these young people and their social environment?

About 7.2% of young people in the Netherlands have a mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). They struggle with learning difficulties and often grow up in a low socio-economic environment. Making healthy choices is therefore extra challenging, while health problems in this group are increasing. The project aims to contribute to a healthy future for these young people and their social environment. By effectively using innovative health technology that matches the needs, wishes and experiences of these young people.’

Digital marketing strategies

The research is led by Wageningen University and Research. The TU/e Information Systems group is a partner in the project. Pieter Van Gorp: “Our research focuses on digital marketing strategies. How can these be used to responsibly entice vulnerable PrO students to engage in healthy behaviors? And what business processes are most effective to promote health from schools without putting an unnecessary burden on teachers? Finally: within what revenue model does preventive technology support fit for this target audience?”

With his insights and expertise from projects like and, Van Gorp is an expert in designing novel digital platforms. He is excited about the project: “It allows us to explore how to provide scalable digital technology for promoting health to vulnerable future citizens. We have a very complete consortium to include the business models of all chain players in the design of the technology and supporting business processes. This provides a good foundation to really make an impact on our future environment.”

More information on the research project can be found here