NWO OTP grant for Imaging project

June 29, 2023

‘Prognostic imaging of prostate cancer by ultrasound’ project led by Massimo Mischi receives 1 million euros funding from the OTP Programme of NWO.

One in eight men is confronted with prostate cancer. Diagnosis relies on invasive systematic biopsies. Recently, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) has shown promise for noninvasive prostate-cancer localization, but is costly and only viable in expert centers. Moreover, poor specificity and reproducibility remain important issues. ‘Prognostic imaging of prostate cancer by ultrasound’ (PICUS) aims to provide a low-cost, widely-available alternative by novel multiparametric ultrasound (mpUS) technology enhanced by artificial intelligence. mpUS will first enhance mpMRI and ultimately replace it with a standalone, cost-effective and widely-available solution, representing a breakthrough for timely and accurate localization of prostate cancer, perfectly suitable also for translation to other types of cancer.

The board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has awarded funding to seven research projects through the Open Technology Programme. In total, NWO is funding these projects with 5.4  million euros, companies involved and other organizations are investing over 1.6 million euros in these projects. The Open Technology Programme provides funding for excellent research, with a view to potential application of the results. The programme gives companies and other organisations a low-threshold way to join scientific research that should lead to applicable knowledge.

The NWO Domain TTW

The mission of the NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) is to facilitate applied research that yields applications and impact for people and society. The aim of the NWO – TTW – OTP programme is to stimulate projects that combine science with concrete application possibilities of the results from the research. The TTW Domain of NWO provides funding up to a maximum of 850.000 euros. If the total project costs exceed 600.000 euros, co-funding by users (industrial partners) is compulsory. It amounts to 25% of the sum in excess of 600.000 euros.


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Rianne Sanders
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