SLF Thesis Award for smarter control of ambulances

November 19, 2019

Nikki Theeuwes has won the SLF Thesis Award.

At the Service Logistics Summit 2019 in Venlo, Nikki Theeuwes won the SLF Thesis Award for her work on smarter control of ambulances. By law, ambulances should be at an emergency scene within 15 minutes in 95% of all calls. Nikki applied decision tree induction to capture the current way of decision making by dispatch agents at the region Brabant-Zuidoost. Next, she compared the current dispatching policy with an improved policy in an extensive simulation model. The improved policy brings the timeliness 0.77 percent points closer to the target of 95%. The jury was impressed by the advanced techniques that were used, the quality of the work, and its potential impact.

More information on the Service Logistics Forum and the summit