The Gate

Take-off for tech startups in Brainport

The Gate is the platform for tech startups in the first stage of their existence. 

Together with the partners Brainport Development, Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Summa College and the regional startup ecosystem, the business developers provide information and guidance on workspaces, financing, training and coaching to entrepreneurial students, scientists and tech starters. The shared goal is to improve the quantity and quality of the high tech startup climate in Brainport Eindhoven. 

About The Gate

TU/e stimulates researchers and students who choose to become entrepreneurs or who want to get their knowledge to industry. Entrepreneurial students and scientific staff need clear and accessible guidance in perceiving and setting up their own companies. Tech starters from the region are also often looking for coaching. Therefore, TU/e, Brainport Development, BOM, Fontys and Summa have joined forces in The Gate. In cooperation with various partners, The Gate offers diverse and specialized support. Exactly what you need: customization for everyone.

Complete ecosystem

Our advisors look at your entrepreneurial question together with you. If we don't we have the knowledge in-house to help you further, then we will refer you to our partners. They will make their expertise available in areas such as accountancy, legal advice and contracts. Together we offer a complete ecosystem to accelerate the development of your innovation.

For scientists

Are you conducting groundbreaking research and are you curious about the possibilities of bringing your product/methodology/service to the market? Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you further. From the start they share ideas with you and roll up their sleeves. The Gate offers, among other things, expert guidance in the field of IP, building a business case and we help you obtain financing.

For entrepreneurial students

You want to make an impact with your idea, but starting up is an art in itself. As an entrepreneur starting out, what you will encounter is a lot along your path, which can easily get you stuck. If you are in the early stages of entrepreneurship, we are happy to help you go forward, for example by expanding your professional network, increasing your visibility, providing feedback on your activities and working documents and obtaining financing.

For tech starters in the region

The Brainport region is a forward-looking region. There are therefore many initiatives that support startups in the region. But who should you approach? To make it easy for you, there is now one connecting factor where all future entrepreneurs can come with an innovative idea: The Gate. This is where you can go with your entrepreneurial question. We help you to expand your professional network, build a business case and obtain financing. 

Thematic Technology Transfer

We help good ideas flourish. The Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) programs enable researchers to take their research ideas to the next level, validate them, and found a successful spin-off. The TU/e is active in two TTT consortia. 

Circular Technology, Smart Industry, MedTech

Combining the strengths of the four technical universities in the Netherlands TU/e, TUDelft, UTwente and WUR with that of TNO, TTT stimulates, supports, and expedites the development of promising spin-offs in collaboration with funding partners Innovation Industries and Shift Invest. 

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Artificial Intelligence

TTT.AI is a collaborative alliance between the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, Radboud Universiteit, Radboud UMC, TU/e, Universiteit Utrecht, UMC Utrecht, national research institute CWI and LUMO Labs.

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Startups and spin-offs

TU/e is a breeding ground for new ideas that rely on scientific research. Sometimes these ideas develop into spin-offs and start-ups. This brings scientific research a step closer to society. In collaboration with The Gate and Innovation Origins, TU/e puts the spotlight every month on an innovative company that has emerged from scientific research.

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