Teacher story

“I’ve never had exam results this good before!”

Jacob Voorthuis, teacher

“To explain the complex concepts of space in my course, I made PowerPoint screencasts. My  lectures and screencasts support each other: students hear the concepts for the first time in class and then use the screencasts to consolidate their understanding.”

“In my exams, students have to be able to explain and use a concept. It’s like learning an entirely new language. I’ve never had exam results this good! The answers had much more depth. Students said they found the screencasts very helpful and gave them an average of 4.5 out of 5.”

Tips and tricks

“Have fun with it! Make the concepts available in such a way that students can click through at their own pace. Stick to the topic. All laws of good teaching still hold. Provide a transcript in the notes section! Some people like reading what they are listening to.”