The energy transition as a result of climate change has been a key facilitator of new and sustainable technologies, membrane technology being one of them. With recent advancements in membrane- and membrane reactor technology, this market is expected to grow significantly in sectors such as energy, food & beverages, water- & wastewater treatment and the chemical industry. This rapid growth comes with a major demand in expertise and knowhow. What is the impact of this technology? Typical problems requiring expertise are: process bottlenecks, high CAPEX/OPEX, high emission rate, low energy efficiency, low process yield, limited scaling potential.  

Modelta aims to address this growing demand in expertise through modelling services and consultancy obtained through 10+ years of research within TU/e and POLIMI. Modelta’s main services are: 

  1. Membrane- & Membrane Reactor Modelling; 

Modelling of membranes and membrane reactor units to optimize performance, tackling problems such as suitable membrane materials, membrane sizing, operating conditions  

  1. Process Design & Upscaling; 

Focusing on implementation of the technology on a process scale, sizing and upscaling the units to the process, techno-economic analyses and process sensitivity studies 

  1. Customized Models Development; 

Development of custom models for specific processes and systems for issues like unusual geometries, special reactions and separations,  

  1. Consultancy on Membrane Processes; 

General consultancy on membrane related processes and systems  

Modelta aims to tackle the growing demand on expertise with this package of modelling services, providing interested parties with a preliminary or full-scale analysis on membrane- & membrane reactor technology and its implementation in existing- and new processes.