Twice Eindhoven B.V.

Empowering each other 

Whether under the microscope or in programming language, developments in the high-tech industry are rapid. In Eindhoven and the entire Brainport region, startups, scale-ups and multinationals work successfully with and alongside each other. What's more, they reinforce each other by working in a suitable ecosystem, in order to accelerate independently or together. Supporting and driving this development, that is what Twice stands for. 

Ideal environment 

Twice provides the right stimulating environment for startups and scale-ups to innovate. We offer high quality facilities at an affordable price. And with a professional look and feel. We connect you with the right companies and consulting partners. Our goal? To increase the growth and success rate of small-scale high-tech companies and to promote the socio-economic structure in the Eindhoven region and the surrounding area. 

Professional business housing 

We do this by providing suitable workspace with high-quality infrastructure facilities. Of course this has to be perfect. We offer you all the possibilities, so that you can focus completely on your innovation. Whether that is in R&D, product development, Lifetech, New Energy, ICT and (embedded) software, (bio)chemistry or in the medical field. 

Growing faster together 

We believe in the power of a network. Using each other's qualities in an ecosystem full of opportunities. That is why we make connections with a regional network of investors and advisors and take the burden off our tenants. We offer support for young growing technological companies that are located within our 6 hubs on the High Tech Campus and the TU/e Campus

We offer a community of around 100 companies with more than 1,400 professionals in an environment that breathes high-tech. With thousands more scientists, technicians, innovative knowledge partners and multinationals around the corner. Growing faster together.