Maarten Merkx reappointed as dean of department of Biomedical Engineering

October 8, 2023

Paulien Dankers is the new managing director of the BME department.

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The Executive Board has reappointed Maarten Merkx as dean of the department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). His second term runs until October 2027. The vice deans of BME, Josien Pluim and Keita Ito, were also reappointed. 

Robert-Jan Smits, chairman of the Executive Board: "We are very satisfied with the solid leadership of the department by the dean and the two vice-deans. It is therefore with great pleasure that we have been able to extend their terms. We are delighted that these three professors are willing to do a second term as department board members and thus continue the line."  

Furthermore, the position of the managing director, who is also part of the department board, was filled last month. Paulien Dankers fills the position part-time for now, and full-time from January 2024.

"I am pleased with the confidence expressed by the Executive Board," Maarten Merkx informed. "Biomedical Engineering is a department to be proud of and I look forward to further shaping the future together with staff, students and our new managing director. A major challenge in this is the department’s accommodation."  

See also the 2019 article on the appointment of the department board.  

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