Professionele ontwikkeling

TU/e encourages and facilitates the continuous personal development of its professionals. As an employee, you will have free access to high-quality training programs, tailored to specific groups and situations and will be able to deepen or broaden your expertise. We support you in designing your career as you see fit. 

The dedicated course offerings for support staff are tailored to TU/e’s strategy, to our policies, to up-and-coming issues, and to real professional challenges that you may face. You can enroll in courses focused on the development areas below. By training alongside other TU/e colleagues, you will learn from each other and expand your TU/e network.

Development areas

  • Process and Project Management

    Develop the skills to achieve results in a complex working environment, from discovering mutually beneficial situations to optimally utilizing your sphere of influence as well as the hard skills to manage projects.

  • English

    Take part in excellent, interactive courses from our language specialists to sharpen your written and spoken English whether in basic daily communication or in challenging debates and presentations.

  • Leadership

    Learn how to become an effective leader with courses that reflect current knowledge and leadership culture and will give you the tools you need to manage with confidence, agility and compassion.

  • Communication

    Sharpen your interpersonal communication skills with courses that allow you to practice your own (professional) cases with experts and actors to become a truly skillful in transmitting your message and in understanding your audience or conversational partner.

  • Career Development

    We support you in shaping your career and in excelling in your field through personalized career coaching, talent development programs and job swap events.

  • Digital Skills

    Stay up to date on the technology that can improve your on-the-job effectiveness.

  • Vitality

    Want to stay happy, healthy and focused? Take part in practical vitality courses to target stress management and learn effective lifestyle behaviors for sustainable wellbeing.

TU/e offers a wide range of trainings in both subject matter and length. You can take part in one-day refreshers or boosts, deepen your knowledge during several intensive sessions or transform during 9 or 18 month programs such as the TU/e Opportunity Program (TOP), a talent program that offers ambitious high-potentials the opportunity to possibly grow to a higher or more demanding (management) position.