Talking Science: the new TU/e pitch competition

May 4, 2023

Talking Science, the new science pitching competition for PhD and EngD researchers, takes place on June 8th during the Research Day.

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For PhD and EngD researchers, sharing new discoveries is an integral part of their research journey. Papers and presentations at conferences are part of the traditional science communication process, but with the need for responsible science communication more important than ever, researchers also must to able to reach more than just their own research community with their research. With this in mind, TU/e is launching a new science pitching competition for PhD and EngD researchers. It’s called ‘Talking Science’, and it will take place on June 8th on campus.

The TU/e Research Day takes place on Thursday June 8th 2023, with a program that includes a college tour reflecting on impact at TU/e with Rector Silvia Lenaerts, a Research Expo, and the official Research Day ceremony.

First on the program though is the TU/e’s new science pitching competition – ‘Talking Science’. The competition is open to all PhD and EngD researchers, and it offers researchers the chance to present their work in an inspiring and engaging manner to a general audience.

Hosted by Science Communication Officer Dr. Barry Fitzgerald, 10 participants will take part in a ‘pitch battle’, with the overall winner going on to present their pitch at the Research Day ceremony later in the day.

Three minutes, no slides, just science

Participants in ‘Talking Science’ will be asked to talk about their own research work in an understandable and appealing way.

Pitches must be no longer than three minutes. Props can be used, but it must be a prop that the participant can carry on stage themselves. So, that means no electron microscopes or solar powered passenger vehicles can be used as props.

In addition, no slides can be used. Finally, all pitches must be delivered in English.

Prizes and training

And there are some great prizes on offer as well.

Besides presenting their winning pitch at the Research Day ceremony, the overall winner will also receive a cash prize of €750. Second prize will receive a prize of €500. The overall winner and second-placed participant will be selected by an expert jury made up of researchers, communicators, and journalists.

In addition, the audience in attendance will be able to select their favourite, with the public prize winner receiving €500.

In preparation for the event, the participants will receive a pitch training from science communicator and host Barry Fitzgerald. Pitch training takes on Tuesday May 23rd from 10.00 – 12.00 on campus.

How to enter

Are you a young TU/e PhD of EngD researcher that wants to share your research with a large audience? Then, sign up for ‘Talking Science’ by sending an e-mail to As part of your entry, you can also submit an optional video that is no longer than one minute.

In your pitch video, you need to briefly explain your research, share a fun fact about yourself, and include why you want to be part of ‘Talking Science’. No slides are allowed in your pitch video. An instruction video on how to make a video can be found here. If you decide to not send a pitch video, please include your full name, group, department, and topic in your entry e-mail. 

Entry videos can be sent to, and they must be submitted by 17.00 May 22th 2023. And be sure to take note of the day for the pitch training, which is Tuesday May 23rd from 10.00 – 12.00 on campus. 

More details

Further details on the competition can be found at the event webpage.

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Barry Fitzgerald
(Science Information Officer)

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