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You’re passionate about building a better future for our global society through science. Surrounded by scientists and technological companies who share your goals, the lines between fundamental research and applied, hands-on research are blurred to such an extent that every chance encounter is an opportunity. You’re given the freedom and autonomy to live out your vision and to build a brighter tomorrow for us all. Find your challenge at TU/e.


Irène Curie Fellowship

As of July 2019, TU/e has launched the Irène Curie Fellowship. This program is aimed at talented women who pursue an academic career in our European top research university. TU/e will open vacancies for assistant, associate and full professor exclusively for female talent during the first six months of recruitment. A diverse workforce generates better problem-solving strategies and more creative ideas, it accelerates innovation and enables teams to better learning and growth. Moreover, the Irène Curie fellows can serve as role models for the next generation of female scientists.

Meaningful minds

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