As an employee of TU/e you fall under the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (cao-NU) with corresponding salary scales and secondary employment conditions. For example, you will receive an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% of your annual salary and an annual holiday allowance of 8% of your compensation. If you work full-time at TU/e, you will in principle have a 38-hour work week with 29 holidays per year. You can extend this to as many as 41 holidays by choosing for a 40-hour workweek. In that case, you will accumulate 12 extra holidays. Even when working part-time (as of 0.5 fte) you can build up extra holidays. Also, you are entitled to schemes such as additional family leave (in cao: birth leave), partially paid parental leave, and later in your career, the vitality pact. Please follow the link below for more information.  


The staff regulations provide terms and conditions of employment that apply to either all TU/e employees or, in some situations, to a specific subset of employees. These terms of employment are an addition to the cao-NU.  

You will receive a monthly internet allowance, and one allowance that includes commuting expenses and working from home (if applicable). The selection model for conditions of employment offers options for exchanging time for money or money for time, to get a tax advantage. For example, you can make use of an extra allowance for commuting costs and/or a bicycle plan. If your work activities allow, it is possible to work (partially) from home. In that case, you can apply for home working facilities. TU/e attaches foremost importance to personal and professional development and therefore has a regulation to facilitate work-related study. You will also build up a pension. TU/e will pay 70% of the pension premium. Finally, TU/e provides collective disability insurance in case of partial disability.  

A code of conduct describes TU/e's core values of how we interact with each other, other individuals, resources, and authority.  

The staff regulations and codes of conduct are an integral part of the employment contract. Every (prospective) TU/e employee can find them below. By signing the employment contract, a TU/e employee agrees to the content of the regulations and codes, and with any amendments and additions to them. 


Working hours, vacations and leave

Integrity policy

Career and Education