Graduate Programs

A graduate program within the TU/e Graduate School consists of one or more Master's programs with the possibility to continue with a Technological Designer or PhD program in the same field. This offers you as a student the chance to specialize within a research discipline along with the freedom to decide on your research project and how you want to flesh it out. So after you have completed your Master, you can opt for a designer program within that domain or apply for a suitable PhD position or even to start a career in industry. The strong relationship between research and education within a graduate program ensures that the results of state-of-the-art research are naturally integrated into the education. Moreover, you see the same intrinsic focus in cooperation with industry. This generates countless opportunities for cooperation both during and after your study.

In the Netherlands, a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification is required for admission to a PhD or PDEng program. As a result, an Eindhoven graduate program for foreign Bachelor's graduates typically comprises an MSc program followed by either a PhD or a PDEng program. Even so, it is still possible to follow just one or two components within a graduate program.

You can find all the graduate programs on this website.

Applied Physics Graduate Program

Applied physicists have a different view on the world around us. Physical phenomena turn into challenges, fascinating questions to investigate and... 

Architecture, Building and Planning Graduate program

Human behavior is influenced by the built environment. This means that building engineers have a high degree of responsibility in finding the right... 

Automotive Systems graduate program

The graduate program offers various opportunities for students and researchers that are interested in a multi-disciplinary, systems oriented approach to... 

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry graduate program

This program is strongly linked with the actual research programs: process engineering, polymer chemistry & technology, supramolecular chemistry, and... 

Complex Molecular Systems graduate programvideo

Complex Molecular Systems is an additional interdisciplinary program for selected master students, aiming at a career in research. We focus on topics... 

Computer Science graduate program

A thorough knowledge of computer science is necessary to design innovative software systems, to make sure they function correctly, efficiently and... 

Electrical Engineering Graduate program

The Electrical Enigineering graduate program offers a fascinating way to specialize in one of the many topics related to electricity.

Industrial and Applied Mathematics graduate program

Industrial and Applied Mathematics plays a key role in the development of innovative technologies. Mathematical models and advanced simulations are more... 

Graduate programs

De faculteit Industrial Design houdt bezig met intelligente producten, systemen en diensten in een maatschappelijke context, ook vaak aangeduid met... 

Industrial Engineering graduate program

The Industrial Engineering groups have a strong focus on operational processes, which form the backbone of all industrial and service organizations.

Innovation Sciences graduate program

This program provides you with training on how to understand, to assess and to manage technological innovation from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Life Sciences and Engineering graduate program

Education and PhD projects in which you will do technological research to improve healthcare. You apply math, physics and chemistry to biomedical problems.

Mechanical Engineering graduate program

Mechanical Engineering focuses on conceiving, designing, analyzing, producing and improving mechanical products, processes and systems.

Sustainable Energy Technology graduate program

Sustainable Energy anticipates the growing demand of society for sustainable energy supplies.