Master's programs

Applied Physicsvideo

Applied physicists turn physical phenomena into challenges, fascinating questions to investigate and analyze.

Architecture, Building and Planning

Human behavior is influenced by the built environment. Especially in a small country like the Netherlands, this environment is sustainably planned.

Automotive Technology

The master's program Automotive Technology offers a program based on a systems approach, providing multidisciplinary knowledge of today's high-tech... 

Biomedical Engineeringvideo

Technological research to improve healthcare. Apply maths, physics and chemistry to solve biomedical problems.

Business Information Systemsvideo

This program provides a solid foundation in the design and analysis of reliable information systems. It also forms valuable additional training for both... 

Chemical Engineeringvideo

Master's program Chemical Engineering: You learn to come up with solutions for problems related to process and product technology.

Computer Science and Engineeringvideo

In the Master's degree program in Computer Science and Engineering, you will learn to design quality software. You will also combine a scientific... 

Construction Management and Engineering

The Master programs Construction Management & Engineering (CME) is a joint international Master's degree program of the three Dutch Universities of... 

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering solves several problems in energy supply, communications, health care and environment.

Embedded Systemsvideo

This program places the emphasis on the designing of efficient and reliable embedded systems: a combination of computer science and electrical... 

Human-Technology Interactionvideo

Human-Technology Interaction applies knowledge from social sciences to problems related to the introduction of new technologies.

Industrial and Applied Mathematicsvideo

This degree program focuses on mathematical models, advanced simulations and computer calculations.

Industrial Designvideo

Students in the Industrial Design Master’s program focus on intelligent products, systems and services in a societal context, which possess what is often... 

Innovation Managementvideo

The Innovation Management Master's program focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms.

Innovation Sciencesvideo

While innovation is crucial for economic growth, sustainable development and welfare, many inspiring technological ideas never make it into society.

Mechanical Engineering

The Master's Program Mechanical Engineering focuses on conceiving, designing, analyzing, making and improving mechanical products, processes and systems.

Medical Engineeringvideo

Do technological research to improve healthcare. Work in a clinical environment and focus on specific patients.

Operations Management & Logisticsvideo

Operations Management & Logistics comprises disciplines such as product development, quality management, logistics and human resource management.

Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusionvideo

Nuclear fusion as a safe, clean and inexhaustible energy source, that's what this Master's degree program Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is all... 

Sustainable Energy Technology

The Master's Program Sustainable Energy Technology focuses on all aspects regarding the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Systems and Controlvideo

The MSc program Systems and Control prepares students for a key role in the field of dynamics and control technology for complex systems and processes.

Special Master's tracks

Broadband Telecommunication Technology

Telecommunication technology is a dynamic area of expertise: math & IT, physics, chemistry technology and innovation sciences are combined.

Care and Cure

The importance of the health field as a consumer of technological applications and, in particular, electrical engineering applications is ever growing.

EIT Embedded Systemsvideo

This international program will provide you with fundamental knowledge and skills in technical subjects. In this program you will learn how to get your... 

EIT Service Design and Engineeringvideo

This program provides both technical competency and the enterprise and innovation skills that are necessary for a business to be successful in service... 

European Master's Program SELECT

A European master's program that offers advanced education in the field of sustainable energy systems for the future.

Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Study Fluid and Solid Mechanics in Europe, in Holland, at TU/e and obtain the highly valued MSc in this vital discipline.

Information Security Technologyvideo

The program provides you with a broad overview of the techniques of Information Security Technology, which also covers aspects of business operations, law... 

Regenerative Medicine and Technologyvideo

Develop applications that help the body to heal itself. Work at the intersection of biomedical science, technology and clinical applications.

Research track

Complex Molecular Systems graduate programvideo

Complex Molecular Systems is an additional interdisciplinary program for selected master students, aiming at a career in research. We focus on topics... 

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