Future fuels, solar energy, fusion, built environment. Towards a world driven by sustainable energy.

Smart Mobility

No more traffic jams, exhaust emissions and accidents. Towards smarter, safer and more energy-efficient transport.

New Years Ceremony TU/e
  • 5 January 2015

The President of the Executive Board, Jan Mengelers, will be looking back on the many highlights of a memorable year and will be presenting a preview of the...

High Tech Systems Center Kick-off Symposium
  • 8 January 2015

The HTSC was officially launched this year. HTSC is the university's response to the increasing demand from industry for fundamental research and development in...

Valedictory lecture prof. ir. Frans Soetens
  • 9 January 2015
Inaugural lecture Johan Maljaars
  • 9 January 2015

Smart environment, smart diagnosis, smart interventions. Towards healthy solutions, powered by TU/e.

Departmental programs

Our departments offer dozens of exciting research programs
Control on shape of light particles opens the way to ‘quantum internet’
  • 15 December 2014

Researchers TU/e and FOM obtain faster than ever control on the emission of photons, they write in Nature Communications.

TU/e in European consortium with EU support (KIC) for healthcare innovation
  • 12 December 2014

Participation in KIC InnoLife means TU/e is main partner in three out of five EU KICs

Eindhoven De-escalate project wins national safety prize
  • 11 December 2014
TU/e and BOM join forces
  • 10 December 2014