Extra training practicum for the section Chemistry: arguments, aims, and contents.

Please note: this activity is only offered in Dutch


The first aim of this extra training is to create awareness within the section about the choices that have been made regarding the contents of the practicums. The second aim is to come up with arguments and start a discussion about potential changes of the program. These arguments should relate to the aims and effectivity of the chemistry education that is currently being taught. Within this second aim, attention is paid to weighing the several arguments and dealing with, for example, sophism. Weighing arguments is important because the role of the practicum can differ. The practicum could have an independent role and aimed at acting skills, have a role within a learning trajectory directed at research skills, in thinking back and forth between models and the perceptible world or just have a role in the development of models. A section thus has a lot to choose from.

Implementations and profits

As a participant, you’ll become aware of the choices you have made as a chemistry teacher. You’ll also become more aware of the way of thinking within the section about practicums. This will give more insights in the origins of arguments in section’s discussions. Arguments have to be supported with expertise. That is why literary insights of the effectiveness of practicums, students’ way of thinking, and thinking back and forth will be discussed as well.

The extra training is successful if a section manages to draft future plan for the school’s chemistry practicum.

For whom?

Chemistry sections (one-man chemistry sections are welcome as well)


Four meetings are scheduled in accordance with the sections. Seminars one and four are, when possible, physically. Seminars two and three can take place virtually.

Course load

Each physical seminar has a duration of 1.5-2 hours (depending on the day). The virtual meetings last for. Maximum of 1.5 hours.