Mechatronic Systems Design

  • Focus on technical and non-technical competencies relating to efficient, effective design and development of technologies and applications for modern high-tech mechatronic systems.
  • The MSD PDEng program, supported by the TU/e High Tech Systems Cemter together with industrial partners, aims at a tailored systems engineering approach for high-end mechatronic systems – i.e. a way of working that is solid enough to formalize the design steps for ever more complex systems, but also agile enough to support the required short time to market for the high-end equipment industry.
  • The core of the program is the Systems Engineering approach, with focus  on the multidisciplinary design aspects of project-based  research and engineering in high-tech systems. This is reflected in the key contributions by four TU/e departments.
  • All courses are taught in English, a Dutch language course is included

Two-year program

The first 12 months of the program
Half the time working on real problems from industry such as ASML, Océ, and  NXP, and innovative spin-outs and research institutes. During these projects you will work in teams in the same way as in industry. The other half of the time will be spent on courses and workshops.

The last 12 months of the program
Working on a challenging and innovative technological design project – a real problem that needs to be solved. This project will integrate a number of (sub-)disciplines and is supervised by engineers from industry as well as by university staff. This way you are supported by scientific knowledge, practical design experience and project management expertise. 


The program emphasizes on systems design, during which the trainees focus on strengthening both their technical and non-technical competencies related to the effective and efficient design. In the program the development of technologies and applications for modern high-tech systems is also addressed.

The focus of the program is on systems engineering and the multidisciplinary design aspects of project-based research and engineering in high-tech systems of systems. It is executed by TU/e research groups from four different departments (Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering).

The program is an initiative of the TU/e High Tech Systems Center, which aims to understand, teach and innovate system synthesis and design of complex equipment, instruments, robotic and manufacturing systems and systems-of-systems, by combining in-depth understanding of the classical engineering fields, with multi-disciplinary, model based systems engineering to conceive, predict and verify cutting-edge system functionalities and architecture.


The program is organized in 5 modules that will take place in a two-years period, normally starting from around November 1.